Monday, March 28, 2005

CNN shot of Sunsara on the frontlines. Posted by Hello

posted by Sunsara Taylor at 4:22 PM


Blogger Osage said...


3/28/05, 4:26 PM

Anonymous wrongnottorebel said...

it's great great great that y'all are making a splash! i do think, though, that the seriousness of what is coming down, both in what this case represents, and in terms of the much bigger societal techtonic plate-shifting it's an outgrowth of--together with the limmited understanding of the implications of this, positive and negative, by legions of progressive-type people--is underscored by the fact that y'all are just about (or maybe entirely; i haven't actually seen any of the coverage) the only people on "our" side who are getting on the airwaves as part of the storm down there in FL.

oh. and. not to nitpick, but--well, in this case i think nitpicking is the right thing to do: just on the off chance that this hasn't been pointed out yet, it's, not .org, at least as of right now--in case the "morality but not traditional morality" sign is gonna get taken out more, which i think it should.

3/29/05, 2:20 AM

Anonymous redstar2000 said...

I salute you and your friend for your bold and imaginative confrontation with the Christian fascist thugs in Florida.

But I'm very puzzled by the wording of the sign that you made -- "We need morality but not traditional morality."

I think people will find that very confusing...I know I did.

To me, it suggests that "morality" -- an arbitrary fixed code of behavior sanctioned by one or more mythological deities -- is something we "need"...just NOT the one we have now.

In confronting our enemies, I think we need to be careful not to grant their outlook any kind of "implied legitimacy".

Reactionaries have always flown the flag of "morality"...I think we need a very DIFFERENT WORD on our flags.

best wishes,


3/29/05, 12:05 PM

Blogger terradeity said...

I want to help. I am not a communist - more of an anarchist, really - but I cannot stand the spread of Christian Terrorism any longer. How can I help you?

4/16/05, 2:38 PM

Blogger terradeity said...

I want to help. I am not a communist - most people obviously aren't evolved enough, yet - but I cannot tolerate the glorification of Christian Terrorism any longer. I always complain loudly, especially when I hear christian music in stores, or when weirdos on the bus start preaching, or when my local OSCO pharmacist in Chicago refuses to provide birth control, but many of my atheist friends say I shouldn't cause waves, that I should respect other people's religion, etc. If we don't complain, though, it will just get worse. I cannot sit quietly by while the U.S. becomes a theocracy like those countries in the Middle know, the ones that were once enlightened, but are now mired in the dark ages?

I know what I am talking about. I used to buy into the silliness of being "born again." I know just how crazy those people really are. We should all be very afraid. Problem is, the most vocal "christians" (not like Jesus at all, by the way) are behaving like terrorists in order to rile us up and make us attack them so they can claim, "prophetically," that they are being persecuted because of their beliefs. Clever, maybe, but still extremely ignorant in their beliefs.

Anyway, I would rather lose fighting than lose by not doing anything.

How can I help you?

4/16/05, 2:55 PM


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