Saturday, January 21, 2006

Changing History is NOT a Spectator Sport!

(by Sunsara Taylor, published at

For five years your anger has mounted. You’ve been lied to. You’ve been spied on. You’ve watched as the death count rose in Iraq, as torture became policy, and as thousands of Black people were abandoned on rooftops. Now you’re expected to accept a “unitary executive” and an end to abortion.

What to do as Bush tries to use his State of the Union address to shut us all up and legitimize his theocratic new Rome?

The Democrats (and some others) are telling people to stay home, watch t.v., swear at the screen (or maybe play games) and give money to them.

World Can’t Wait is calling for people to be in the streets, bring the noise, politically drown out Bush’s lies, and drive out Bush’s Regime.

Is there really any question? Haven't we done enough sitting around, atomized, cursing and crying while fascism is put in place? Changing the course of history is NOT a spectator sport.

Do something that matters. Be in the streets. The world, and the country, is ready for our demand and many are stepping forward to speak it: BUSH STEP DOWN.

8:00 PM E.S.T. Protest Nation-Wide! (check website below for listings)

11:00 AM, Washington, DC at 17th & Constitution
Bring Our Demand to the White House: BUSH STEP DOWN!

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