Sunday, May 17, 2009

Live From Notre Dame -- Abortion on Demand and Without Apology

I got to Notre Dame yesterday to stand up for women's right to abortion. Here is our press release... and some photos from the scene thus far.

Women are not incubators! Fetuses are not babies! Abortion is not murder!

Revolutionary Communists on the scene at Notre Dame

Sunsara Taylor and other supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA are at Notre Dame this weekend to stand up for abortion rights as a key part of women's liberation. Carrying banners that read, “ABORTION ON DEMAND AND WITHOUT APOLOGY” and “Women Are Not Incubators! Fetuses Are Not Babies! Abortion Is Not Murder!” they bring a new voice into the fray that is shaping up around Barack Obama's invitation to give the commencement address.

We are here to speak for millions of women whose fundamental right to abortion is being openly assailed by Christian fascists on the one side and compromised away by Barack Obama on the other. Women need abortion on demand and without apology in order to be free. And if women are not free, then no one is,” said Taylor, explaining why she had traveled to Notre Dame from New York City.

There is not a single “pro-life” organization that supports women's right to birth control. Almost all of them are rooted in Biblical literalism which commands women to bear children and submit to men.

Sunsara Taylor, opposes both the Christian fascist protesters and the conciliatory approach of Barack Obama, says, “Barack Obama has repeatedly stressed the need to find 'common ground' on abortion. But there can be no 'common ground' with fascists and women-haters.”

In contrast to Obama's insistence that abortion is a complex moral question, Sunsara is clear, “Around abortion, there is ONLY ONE moral question: Will women be free and able to control our own reproduction OR will we be forced to breed against our will? A woman who cannot decide for herself, when and whether she chooses to have a child, has no more freedom than a slave.”

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