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HEADS UP: On Monday -- I will post a new youtube clip with part of the Q&A at my Berkeley stop of the "From the Burkha to the Thong: Everything Must, and Can, Change --- WE NEED TOTAL REVOLUTION!" tour.  The clip will be of a Muslim student who wears the veil challenging me for criticizing the veil and my response.  This was a very important exchange, so come back on Monday to watch it here, and get ready to share it with others on your facebook and twitter and other networks.

SECOND HEADS UP: This Friday in NYC: DO NOT MISS OUTERNATIONAL!  If you do not know this bad-ass revolutionary band and its totally danceable and in-your-face live show -- check them out on their facebook and then catch them this Friday.  Note: This is their ONLY scheduled show in NYC!

Friday April 2nd
Santo's Party House
, 96 Lafayette Street, NYC
$8 adv / $10 door
doors open 7pm  (16+)

UZUHI 7:30pm

11pm afterparty at Mehanata Bulgarian Bar  (21+)
113 Ludlow (free with concert ticket or wristband!)

facebook invite here


So, I've been on the road and so far it has been fantastic.

I've been impressed with the seriousness of the young people who've been turning out at NYU, UC Berkeley, University of Chicago and the International Women's Day celebrations and protests in Los Angeles and elsewhere.  I've been enjoying the controversy and the debate over things like the veil and pornography and all the crippling cultural relativism and individualism that goes along with justifying these outrageous concentrations of the oppression of women.  The controversy has only convinced me further of the need for precisely a REVOLUTIONARY approach to the liberation of women to be out there contending with and breaking people's best inclinations and aspirations out of the frameworks which paralyze and suffocate those better aspirations.

I have also been thrilled that my tour has drawn forward some of the many young people out there who are thoroughly disgusted with this world and wishing to contribute profoundly to bringing a better, a liberated world into being.  One young woman who came to my talk at NYU then flew out to Berkeley and spent her spring break helping to build for my talk at that campus.  Others who attended at NYU are currently working to bring me back to NYC, this time up near Barnard college, to give the talk again.

These young people and others have also been out there taking it to the streets - protesting the American Apparel "Best Bottom" contest in several cities across the country (and making the local papers in NYC and Oakland!!) and some folks in NYC are gearing up to do creative protests against the anti-abortion ads that have started appearing on the New York subways.

There is so much more to say -- but for now, I will leave you with a teaser.  Be sure to check back on Monday for new clips from my tour!


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