Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fascist Anti-Immigrant Law

What just happened in Arizona -- the passing of this new "immigration law" is a fucking disgrace to humanity.  It will mean families torn apart.  It will mean people living in fear.  A green light to anti-immigrant hate-crimes.  Super-exploitation of desperate immigrants who can never challenge their employers in court out of fear.  It will mean people dying for lack of medical care out of fear of going to the emergency room.  It will mean more racist hysteria and insult and brutality and disrespect heaped upon the youth in schools and hurt as they watch their parents beaten, raped, exploited without recourse.

The problem with this new law is not merely that it will also cast terror onto legal immigrants-- but that it will criminalize being without papers.

Ummmm-- hello!?  How can a HUMAN BEING be illegal?  Who made the damn borders anyhow?  Illegitimate wars of conquest and domination of the very lands of the people who are now being most demonized and terrorized if they enter this country without papers.  Only in capitalism (or perhaps slavery before it) can you be illegal as a human being if you don't have papers.

It is good the students walked out in Arizona today!

More must be done!  And Obama is NOT the one to rely on.

Check out this video as part of looking at all this differently: Watch Revolution Talk film, learn system

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