Friday, September 16, 2011

Remember George Tiller

I recently did some writing on how abortion has become stigmatized and how we reverse this trend.  I will let you know when this is published (it will be in about a week).  In the course of it I had to review a lot of the history of how the right to abortion was won -- and then how the momentum in society has been reversed over the course of decades so that we ended up in a situation where almost an entire generation has grown up without ever hearing anyone speak positively about abortion.  It is also a situation where the doctors who risk everything to provide abortions are isolated, terrorized, stigmatized and targeted.

I am reposting this youtube clip I recorded down in Wichita outside of what once was Dr. George Tiller's clinic exactly one week after Dr. Tiller was assassinated while serving as an usher in his church on a Sunday morning.

Never forgive and never forget the murder of this hero -- or the other heroic doctors and staff who have given their lives and sustained severe injuries for women's right to abortion.  Take a look -- and heed the basic message I conveyed then, over two years ago.  Since then, the situation has only gotten worse; there's been the most legal restrictions on abortion this year ever.  Dr. Leroy Carhart, Dr. Tiller's colleague and close friend, has been targeted by the same forces who were largely responsible for Dr. Tiller's assassination.

Stay tuned for news of my upcoming essay on abortion stigma... and further posts about how to take action to reverse this!

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