Saturday, March 03, 2012

Do You Want to Live in This World? Lets Fucking Change It!!!

Someone just sent me this pic of a billboard in Midtown Manhattan.  Do you want to live in this fucking world?  How is this acceptable?  Escorts are somehow the standards of what is really good to consume, but "hookers" are cheap and less desirable.  The spectrum then being that women are to be paid for and consumed and this is the premise of the analogy being made to whether the vodka being advertized is "high quality" and "well priced."

Please, someone, ask me again: "What are you so angry about?"

Wake up people -- this shit is getting worse.  If you aren't standing up against this, getting out in the streets against it, refusing to continue your daily routine and refusing to let others continue to act like all this just "not that big a deal" then you are accepting this.  Join me in the streets on March 10th for International Women's Day!!

12:00 Noon  Protest and March against sites of women’s oppression!
Begin at St. Patrick's Cathedral (5th Avenue between 50 and 51st streets in Manhattan)

Contribute money here to make this protest powerful!

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