Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sunsara speaks out on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes Posted by Hello

posted by Sunsara Taylor at 1:03 PM


Anonymous S said...

Sunsara, you were as cogent and intense and brilliant as you could be, given the severe time constraints. Nevertheless, it was enough to make me go out of my way to do a web search and find you. I'm going to spend a few hours absorbing your posts here, and just let you know for now that discovering you and the RCYB was worth sitting through five intensely painful minutes of Sean Hannity.

3/30/05, 3:14 AM

Blogger history100 said...

Hey ST - Great job! I've shared this blog URL with a lot of people lately and am hearing the same kind of feedback from everyone: we have been outraged about this story for weeks but we don't actually do anything about it.

Thanks for going to Florida and going public with your views. Thanks for representing us and thanks for living your passion.

3/30/05, 7:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

when you said, "HANITY!" when they were cutting you off, what was going to be your point?

just curious.

3/30/05, 7:12 PM

Blogger John Brown said...

I pretty much disagreed with everything you had to say on H&C. However, I applaud the articulate and intelligent manner in which you conducted yourself. Even though I am a conservative (capitalist) republican, I intend to link to your blog from my own (assuming no objections).

3/30/05, 11:55 PM

Blogger Luciente Zamora said...

What a breath of fresh air-- we watched you on Fox last night and you and Debra were great! I think my favorite line was the response to Hannity trying to get you guys to be defensive and asking if you had read and were familiar with every aspect of the case and if you has seen Terri in person . . . he tried to get you all on the defensive and Debra responded "we have science."

I talked with a couple of nurse friends of mine over the weekend and they are truly outraged over this case. They think it's cruel to keep Terri alive at this point-- her brain has deteriorated to the point where she will never be able to think or enjoy life. They actually spent a lot of time talking about how heart wrenching it is for them to see people kept alive in the hospital they work at when they have passed a point of no return-- and they spent a lot of time talking about what being human means. They say it means that you have the cognative ability to experience the wold around you and think and engage in the world in one way or another-- once that is lost and it becomes impossible to regain that (as is the case with Terri-- she can't grow another brain) then even though the person may be going through many of the mechanical aspects of being alive--their person is dead. Anyway, I thought it was an interesting point these nurses were bringing up.

3/31/05, 12:49 AM

Blogger Joe Bunce said...

I'd intended to post this comment today even before I heard that Terri had died. Anyhow...

I recently received a forwarded E-mail from a friend that I knew was of a more conservative bent than me, but whom I'd always thought of as very intelligent and capable of independent thought. The original message stated that all the media outlets, from "liberal" (whatever that means these days) to conservative and in between, had been deceiving people and that terri's condition was not as dire as the media made it seem. It even claimed she had been capable, on a couple of occasions, of a kind of very, very primitive communication with her visitors, whom she supposedly was aware were present. So Terri was NOT in a vegatative state, and it was our duty to save her, part of which duty involved writing letters of support to Florida governor BUSH (that of course MUST be a pure coincidence!). I wonder how many people who received this message were taken in by it... as frightening as it is, I suspect there were quite a lot. Do you (or anyone else reading this) know anything about the origins of this message... or anyk messages of a similar nature?

At any rate, congratulations on your good work on this... and on your good work in general.

3/31/05, 11:32 AM


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