Friday, January 29, 2010

A Life Well Lived; Remembering Howard Zinn, People’s Historian

Raymond Lotta has written a moving piece in Revolution Newspaper celebrating the life of Howard Zinn, above is the link to the whole thing, below is an excerpt...

"...For some five decades, Howard Zinn’s engaged scholarship and moral example influenced academics, activists, and new generations of the young.

"And it was to the young that he felt a special responsibility. As he said in an interview in this newspaper in 1998: “beneath the surface of `youthful ambition,’ `need to graduate,’ `need to make a career’—beneath that surface, I believe there is always among young people a hunger to do something worthwhile and important.” Even as his health weakened, he continued to speak at high schools and colleges. 

"I had the privilege of meeting with and sharing in discussions with Howard Zinn. I was struck by a deep knowledge matched by a capacious open-mindedness. I felt Howard’s warmth, his curiosity, and a generosity of spirit. I felt his abiding sense of principle..."

read the rest here:

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