Saturday, October 01, 2011

Today: Slutwalk NYC, Troy Davis funeral, & Occupy Wallstreet

Today was a long and busy day.  It was also a day that brought to the surface mass outpouring around some of the critical crimes of our time.

Thousands of women and men marched against rape and shaming of women and women's sexuality in NYC's Slutwalk.  This was a great thing to be part of.  Beautiful people pouring out.  Infuriating stories being shared.  A lot of pride and defiance and positive attention from onlookers.

Troy Davis's funeral was held and according to CNN over 1,000 people turned out.  This state lynching must never be forgotten.  It is so important that so many turned out for his funeral.  This must be only the beginning.

#OccupyWallstreet continues.  Today over 500 people were arrested.  It seems also that they were entrapped.  The tactics by the police -- appearing to direct people one way only to then cut them off, surround them, and the arrest them -- seem modeled off the way the police entrapped protesters in Minneapolis during the last RNC.  In other words, it does NOT appear to me like just a mistake or misunderstanding.  Now, many of those protesters are still in the clutches of this unjust state.  At the same time, this could draw forward much broader resistance.  When you stand strong in the fact of an attack, you can come back stronger and with more people joining you.

More to come...

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