Thursday, March 08, 2012

"I cut off my hair because I felt it chained me..."

I just received this email from a young woman...
"I cut off my hair because I felt it chained me to this country's patriarchal notion of what it is to be a woman.  Yesterday a man came into my work and told me that I should never grow out my hair because a woman with short hair is 'sexy.'  A month ago a man came into my work and repeatedly demanded my phone number under the guise of needing a hair model for a photo shoot.   For years I have had the phrase 'America: home of the free!' shoved down my throat.  If having to smile while men sexually harass me is "freedom" then I think I could do without it.  The campaign to End Pornography and Patriarchy gives me hope that one day my hair will not be an excuse for men to make me feel as thought I am only an object to give them sexual pleasure.  Down with patriarchy.  Up with liberation for all of human kind!"
If you want things to change -- YOU MUST ACT!
Into the streets NOON Saturday March 10th
St. Patrick's Cathedral (5th Ave btwn 50 & 51st)
DONATE to make this protest happen: 

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