Monday, January 08, 2007

The Stench of Politics as Usual...and the Anger from Below

The triumph of the new Democratic Congress on their first day and their promises of a “new direction” offered all the refreshment of Lysol dressing up the stench of rotting homes of New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, of human waste and blood in the secret C.I.A. torture dungeons, and of the mangled bodies that are being chewed by dogs in the streets of Baghdad.

Nancy Pelosi’s much touted agenda for the first 100 hours of the new Congress made no mention of ending the war on Iraq, repealing the Military Commissions Act which legalizes torture and rips up habeas corpus, rebuilding New Orleans, or—for all the talk of her chairmanship as a “great advance” for women—taking on the assault on women’s reproductive rights and basic equality.

Throughout their painstakingly choreographed first day in Congress, the horrors that the Democrats are working with the Bush Regime to push out of the public eye and the deep and widespread disgust of millions with these horrors kept bubbling up.

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My Anti-War O'Reilly Appearance featured my appearance on the O'Reilly Factor:

"Wanna see Bill on the ropes? In this clip, the Fox News host goes head-to-head with WorldCantWait organizer (and sometimes Truthdig contributor) Sunsara Taylor. Unable (or unwilling) to counter her damning facts about the Iraq war, O’Reilly degenerates into name-calling."

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