Monday, April 30, 2012


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Monday, April 23, 2012

Red Light District in Amsterdam

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Monday, April 16, 2012

From Behind Bars: "Go All In" in the Fight to Stop Mass Incarceration

The following was printed in Revolution Newspaper this week.

The Prisoners Revolutionary Literature Fund received the following letter from a prisoner in the Midwest:

April 10th, Tuesday 2012

To Whom This May Concern,

I'm writing to respond to the March 25th, 2012, article in the paper (NO. 263) titled "Raise the Fight to Stop Mass Incarceration to a New Level." This particular article and call comes at no better time than NOW; and I fully attach my unconditional support behind it. I'm not sure how many readers are fully cognizant of the historic importance of this determined campaign by the Party to "go all in" (to use a poker expression for a moment), but I am. By writing this letter to the Revolution, it's my hope that others will come to recognize the same significance of this stage in our development of a movement for revolution and why it's necessary to make this particular issue a principal focal point as we ultimately strive to resolve the FUNDMENTAL CONTRADICTION of this decadent system: where "[y]ou have highly socialized production, but very privatized appropriation by a small class of people called capitalists." (BAsics 3:5) As that particular quote goes on to state:
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Justice for Trayvon Martin is NOT a “Black People’s Issue”; If You Don’t Fight for It, You Lose Your Humanity!

by Sunsara Taylor

A glance at any of the thousands of photos of the recent protests demanding justice for Trayvon Martin reveals that this case has struck a deep chord among Black people of all ages. At the same time, these photos reveal how white people and other non-Blacks have almost entirely ignored and appeared to have gone along with this modern-day lynching.

Yes, it was a lynching. 
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