Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tune in Today 3-4pm EST, Dec. 31st

This Saturday on Equal Time for Freethought, Join Sunsara Taylor for:

The “Abortion Wars” Now Include Birth Control!
End of Year Round-Up & Looking Forward For Women's Lives

99.5 FM in the NYC area or streaming live

39 years after women won the right to abortion, this fundamental right is hanging by a thread. 2011 saw the greatest number of restrictions passed on women's access to abortion ever – and now, more than 90% of counties don't have abortion providers, millions of women face unnecessary and humiliating legal restrictions to access, doctors who provide this service are hunted and terrorized and women who get abortions are stigmatized and shamed.

But that is not all.

Now, even birth control is under siege. Pharmacists refuse to fill prescriptions. “Personhood” amendments seek to criminalize miscarriages and ban all contraception. And President Obama openly upheld Kathleen Sebelius's unprecedented decision to overrule the FDA to ban on over-the-counter distribution of Plan B (emergency contraception).

This Saturday, December 31st on Equal Time for Freethought, join Sunsara Taylor as she convenes a round-table of experts and commentators to look back at the past year in the battle over women's right to birth control and abortion... and, to look ahead to the battles to come.

Guests will include:

Irin Carmon, staff writer for Salon, whose recent titles include, “Why women have second trimester abortions,” and, “The next front in the abortion wars: Birth control.”

Amanda Marcotte, author of “2011: The War on Contraception,” and, “Restricting Plan B Is Bad Politics,” for

Erin Gloria Ryan, writer for Jezebel whose pieces include, “The Year In Your Uterus.”

Jacquelyn Arsenuk, founder, producer and former host of the F-Files feminist radio, writer and political activist.

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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Should a Woman Feel Sad About Her Abortion? Fuck No!

There is absolutely nothing wrong, tragic, unfortunate, or sad about a woman choosing to get an abortion. Nothing.


Because being forced to have a child against your will is enslavement. Period.

Why else?

Because fetuses are NOT babies. Fetuses have the potential to become babies, but until they are born they have no independent social or biological existence. They are a subordinate part of a woman's body. Any state, religious, or family intervention which forces – or even pressures – a woman into subordinating her life, dreams and health to incubating that fetus against her will is completely unjust and illegitimate. It is immoral and it is enslaving.

But what about her responsibility? If she didn't want a baby, shouldn't she have thought of that before she “opened her legs”?

This argument is wrong on at least four levels. First, this suggests that it is wrong for women to have sex and that they must be punished for doing so (while applying a totally different standard to men). Second, this approach treats children – who should be wanted and well cared for – like nothing more than a punishment to women. Third, this ignores the fact that getting an abortion when one is not ready or eager to have a child is taking responsibility. Finally, this ignores the fact that it is the very Christian fascists who are criminalizing abortion who are responsible for denying increasing numbers of women access to birth control and sex education (which makes it enormously harder for them to protect themselves from pregnancy during sex in the first place).

But what about when a woman is raped? Or if she really wanted to have a baby but there is something wrong with the fetus or a danger to her own life? Doesn't that make the abortion sad?

Again, fuck no!

If a woman is impregnated because of being raped, it is the rape that is the horrific crime – the abortion which prevents her from being forced to bear the child of her rapist is positive and liberating.

If a woman really wants a child but something goes wrong with the pregnancy, it is the medical problems that are the tragedy – the abortion that eliminates those dangers is positive and liberating.


Women are human beings, not incubators. A woman who cannot decide for herself when and whether she will have a child has no more freedom than a slave. Abortion is not something to apologize for, it is something to celebrate and defend. 1 in 3 women will have an abortion in her life, she is not wrong for doing so. It is time to declare loudly and boldly:


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Friday, December 16, 2011 - A Success!!

To all my blog followers:

Here's the wonderful update on the determined effort to fund the upcoming film "Occasioned by BAsics: A Celebration of Revolution & the Vision of a New World."

By the time of the deadline at midnite PST on Dec. 12, $25,002 was raised!

Here's the final message from event:

WE MADE IT!!  Thank you to the hundreds who contributed in large amounts and small, thank you to everyone who helped call people, attended house parties, participated in bake sales and more!  All of us together accomplished a very important thing in raising and contributing the funds so this film can be produced and released.  The community that came together to fund this film can grow further as the film is released... and every single donation that came in will help reach a greater community and audience from here forward.  We will keep everyone posted on developments with the film.  Thank you!

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Thursday, December 08, 2011

My Urgent Appeal -- Watch It, Donate, Spread It!!

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Sunday, December 04, 2011

Only 9 days left -- Be Part of Changing the Culture!

Hey Y'all,

Watch this trailer -- then go and make a donation.  We are trying to get 70 new donations -- of any amount -- by Tuesday.  You can make a big difference!


To make a donation, go here:

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