Sunday, June 27, 2010

At Revolution Books in NYC on Tues. June 29 - The U.S. War of Occupation in Afghanistan: McChrystal Out, The Horror Grinds On... What is Happening?

Tues. June 29 at 7:00 - Sunsara Taylor
presentation and discussion.

Obama's recent firing of General McChrystal as top general in Afghanistan is a big deal-- and reflects serious contention among sections of the U.S. ruling class over how to prosecute this bloody occupation. It's been 60 years since a president removed the senior commander in a war zone. McChrystal will be replaced by another war criminal, David Petraeus, who was already head of "Central Command," (McChrystal's boss). The Washington Post quotes Obama: "This is a change in personnel, but it is not a change in policy." Translation: The criminal war in Afghanistan-- which on June 4, 2010 officially became the longest war in U.S. history -- continues.

Come discuss this cauldron of contradictions with Sunsara Taylor at -

Revolution Books, 146 West 26th Street, NYC 212-691-3345

the place to go to when something major happens in the world... to get under the hood, to figure out what it means for the meet the movement for revolution.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

at USSF on Fri: Sex Work or Sexual Slavery - The Empowerment Debate: an Exchange between Sunsara Taylor & Will Rockwell

Could sex work be de-criminalized, transformed and a means through which women are actually empowered or does sex work only serve to further subjugate and exploit women?

Fri. June 25 1-3:00 pm
at Revolution Books Outlet –Detroit
4152 Woodward Avenue
SE corner of Woodward & Willis
5 blocks south of Wayne State Univ

Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution newspaper ( a host of WBAI's Equal Time for Freethought, and sits on the Advisory Board of World Can't Wait. She takes as her foundation the new synthesis on revolution and communism developed by Bob Avakian. You can find Sunsara’s various political commentary on things from abortion to religion to cultural relativism by searching “Sunsara Taylor” on youtube. This past spring, Sunsara was on a national campus speaking tour with her talk on “From the Burkha to the Thong: Everything Must, and Can, Change: We Need Total Revolution!”

Will Rockwell is Editor-in-Chief of $pread magazine (, a quarterly publication by and for people in the sex industry, as well as a former Associate Editor of the Global Network of Sex Work Project’s journal, Research for Sex Work ( Will has participated in UN agency consultations, civil society coalitions, and fund committee meetings as a youth representative of the Global Network of Sex Work Projects in support of peer-led HIV treatment and services for people in the sex industry.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Revolution gets started at the USSF 2010

Clips of day 1 orientation for the revolutionary communists and friends at the US Social Forum in Detroit.

This was followed by a beautiful march that grew as it made its way through Detroit.

More updates to come... but one thing about Detroit is that there is not a lot of internet connection in a lot of places so I haven't been able to blog as much as I intended to.  Am still learning where I can get access and hope to do more.

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Carl Dix Live from Detroit on Taking Revolution to this Decaying City

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Monday, June 21, 2010

On the road to the USSF!
Detroit- get ready

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Case You Needed More Reasons to Love Outernational...

Check out this blog on the shitstorm they seem to have kicked up for comparing Arizona to South Africa under apartheid.

As Outernational got booed for challenging the anti-immigrant legislation as they performed in Arizona... Miles Solay, their lead singer, seemed to have completely kept his composure.  According to one audience member's blog, Miles responded with lines like: "The people that just booed, their favorite band[s are] really Ted Nugent and Lynyrd Skynyrd," and, as he pointed at one particular person, "When they lynched Black people, this guy was cheering along."

Check them out here:

Make sure you check out the cover they did with Tom Morello of DEPORTEES.

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