Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Just letting you know that this blog is no longer being actively maintained.  HOWEVER:

You can find articles by Sunsara Taylor at revcom.us.  
In particular, for everyone interested in a revolutionary perspective on work to end pornography, the attacks on abortion rights and all forms of patriarchy, check out revcom.us/movement-for-revolution/stop-patriarchy/index
For news from the broader movement to End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women, check out the website: StopPatriarchy.org
To contact Sunsara about speaking events, interviews, and other inquiries write to: sunsara_tour (at) yahoo.com

Be sure to follow @sunsarataylor

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Open Letter: To the Civil Liberties & Public Policy program

An Open Letter to the Civil Liberties & Public Policy (CLPP) program and the Hampshire Community

from Sunsara Taylor 
and members of StopPatriarchy.org who attended the CLPP Conference:

We are outraged at the illegitimate, immoral and dangerous decision made by CLPP organizers, including CLPP Director Mia Sullivan, to use police to eject us from your conference under threat of arrest simply for peacefully advocating an anti-pornography position to those who approached us at our own organizational table on Saturday, April 13, 2013.

This action on your part violates the most basic and essential standards of any movement against oppression.  The police are the armed enforcers of a highly oppressive and repressive state.  There is a long and brutal history of the role of the police – from the murder and wrongful imprisonment of Black Panther Party members in the 1960s to the more recent coordinated brutality inflicted on Occupy protesters across the country – in attempting to crush, punish, and demoralize those who would lift their heads to fight against oppression.  No one who calls on the police to suppress and physically threaten others who are fighting against oppression can legitimately claim to be doing anything other than the work of this highly oppressive, violent, and repressive state.

We demand that you repudiate this decision 
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What's the Real Deal About CLPP & StopPatriarchy.org?

What's the Real Deal About the Hampshire CLPP Reproductive Freedom Conference Using Police to Eject Stop Patriarchy From Their Conference Under Threat of Arrest?
For a video explanation of what happened please watch:

On April 12, 2013 eight members of the movement to End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women (StopPatriarchy.org) traveled up to Hampshire College to take part in the annual conference sponsored by the program for Civil Liberties and Public Policy (CLPP) called “From Abortion Rights to Social Justice, Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom.”

We were motivated to attend by our overall opposition to the war on women, but especially by the extremeness of the attacks on abortion in the last few months.  In addition to learning from and connecting with others, we aimed to bring in a program of mass political resistance and struggle to counter the spate of new laws, threats, stigma and restrictions on abortion access throughout the country – starting with the April 25th Student Day of Action for Abortion On Demand and Without Apology and continuing through major plans this summer.

At the same time, StopPatriarchy.org sees the assault on the right to abortion as the “mirror opposite” of the assault and violence against women being mainstreamed through the increasingly degrading, cruel, brutal and humiliating nature of pornography and the massive growth of the global sex industry which has destroyed the lives of millions upon millions of women and very young girls.  This is something we were prepared to engage people over.  And within all this, some of us were bringing the view of all-the-way revolution, rooting the 40 years of backlash against women's rights as well as the New Jim Crow and other crimes against the people in the system of capitalism-imperialism and advocating for revolution and communism as it has been re-envisioned by Bob Avakian [http://revcom.us/avakian/index.html].

Differences in Approach Emerge the First Night 

The first night of the CLPP conference
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Gregory Koger -- an Inspiration and Role Model Who Must Be Defended!

Below I am reposting an article by Gregory Koger originally published at the newly redesigned revcom.us website for Revolution Newspaper.  Gregory is a former prisoner who I had the great privilege of getting to know through the movement for Revolution.  Currently, the state is moving to lock him up once again -- on completely illegitimate and unjust grounds.  As he explains below, he is being made an example by a system that is deeply afraid of those who are locked on the bottom of society -- and those locked literally in the bowels and dungeons of this criminal system -- connecting up with the real revolution, connecting with the leadership of Bob Avakian, and becoming emancipators of humanity.  Take the time to read his statement and the excerpts of letters from other prisoners who have been inspired by him and are standing with him.  Then, add your name to the statement demanding "Not One More Day" in jail for him and share this with everyone you know.

What This System Does to the People of the World Is Criminal—Dedicating Your Life to Emancipating Humanity Is Not

A statement by Gregory Koger

November 18, 2012 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

Three years ago I was arrested for attempting to document a political statement opposing censorship by Sunsara Taylor at the "Ethical" Humanist Society of Chicago (EHSC). What began as a brief but principled statement opposing the censorship of her long-scheduled talk and an invitation for those who wanted to hear her talk to join us at the home of a now-former member of the EHSC was rapidly transformed by powers in the ruling class into a three-year-long political and legal battle against a political prosecution and 300-day jail sentence for non-violent misdemeanors.
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

"Let's Be Real Here: As Bad As Bush Was,..."

New audio clip from a recent talk by Bob Avakian. Highly relevant going into the elections.

"Let's Be Real Here: As Bad As Bush Was, In Many Ways Obama Is Worse..."

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cornel West interviews Bob Avakian

You can find out why Cornel West calls Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, the “legendary long-distance runner in the struggle for freedom” by tuning in:



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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thoughts Upon Release From Jail After Sunday's Abortion Rights Protest Inside St. Patrick's Cathedral

It's been just a few hours since I was released from jail in New York City. I was arrested yesterday and charged with “criminal trespass” and another lesser trespass charge as I was leaving St. Patrick's Cathedral after a group of women and men shouted out the following statements during a break in the service:

“Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!”
“Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement!
“Stop the War on Women!”

Outside St. Patrick's Cathedral -Sat Aug 11, 2012

St. Patrick's is, of course, home of Cardinal Timothy Dolan – head of the U.S. Council of Catholic Bishops, a lifelong staunch opponent of abortion rights, and the person who spearheaded the U.S. Catholic church's recent political and legal revolt against birth control.

As I and one other woman, Alice Woodward, spent a long night each alone in a filthy cell, looking out between fourteen bars to cold flourescent lights, a dingy wall, and a window that revealed only the dirty bricks and tarp of the next building (no green and no sky), I thought of the women in El Salvador staring out of similar cells after being arrested out of the emergency room and imprisoned if the doctors suspect they are bleeding due to botched abortions. I thought of the women who are imprisoned in Afghanistan if they fall in love with the wrong man or end up pregnant while still unmarried. I thought of Dr. Pendergraft who had spent seven months in jail for illegitimate charges leveled against him by anti-abortion fanatics seeking to put him out of business.

There is a real war going on against women. Around the world, under the cover of religious authority, women's dreams are extinguished, women's bodies are treated like mere vessels for men's sperm and the incubation of fetuses, and women's lives are foreclosed. Around the world, women and men face not only the church, but also the state, if they dare to defy thousands of years of tradition's chains.
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